Brian Howell

brian-6Brian Howell has been an avid outdoorsman his entire life. Born and raised in Northern Illinois, Brian spent his adolescent years fishing and exploring nature. As the years progressed, the outdoors consumed much more of his time, becoming a year round addiction. Brian began to deer hunt at the age of 14; archery being his favorite method of choice. Now with over 30 years experience and many trophy Whitetails to his credit, he attributes his lifelong love for the animal and his experience in the field to these childhood memories.

“I can remember as a young child, my father and uncles standing around their deer hanging in trees wearing safety red clothing in Wisconsin telling stories of their hunt. I could not wait to be old enough to join in the hunts!”


Brian’s second love is shed hunting, he spends hundreds of hours and countless miles to pick up these treasures in the bush every year.

“To me, being able to pick up cast antlers from deer that were either too young to harvest or who out smarted me through the season just adds to the history made with these bucks. Not to mention the ones that you didn’t even know existed or thought they had been harvested on neighboring farms.”

Brian is a proud member of the AWA (American Whitetail Authority) and has been named one of the their top whitetail hunters. He is a familiar face in the outdoor industry and belongs to a number of outdoor Pro Staffs. Brian is a regional sales manager for the HB Seed Co, where he helps others with proper food plot blends for their farms along with mineral site placement on their properties.

“I get so much enjoyment when clients call or email me their success stories along with photos of lasting memories made, not to mention the improved quality of their herd’s health.”

Brian now resides in Central Missouri with his wife Michelle, and their three boys who all love the outdoors.  When not hunting, Brian can be found just about anywhere a whitetail deer can be found. Whether it be taking photos, videotaping or just out for a walk, he’s always got this elusive animal on his brain!

“I love getting people involved in the outdoors, which makes Takedown Outdoors the perfect fit.”


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