Colton Bast

I grew up in Lake County IL, as 14-year-old boy I have many interests such as sports, school, and hanging out with my friends. But, at a young age of six or so the outdoors caught my eye, thanks to my dad. He taught me almost everything I know about hunting, fishing, and anything that has to do with the outdoors. He gave me my first bow when I was about seven and taught me to shoot. Ever since then my excitement for the outdoors has only grown.

Since a very young age I have always watched my dad and learned from him, but hunting first became a hobby of mine when he took me pheasant hunting. I was about nine, and too young to carry a real gun, so I used one of my b-b guns that I had recieved for my birthday earlier that year. That day was a blast, and I shot three hens in the head with my b-b gun. I still have feathers from that day in my room, and they remind me constantly that outdoors is where I belong. Since that day I have taken two deer (a buck and a doe), a wild boar, and many squirrels.

Today, I continue to live in Lake County where my passion for the outdoors only grows stronger with the more I discover and the more I do. I continue to hunt, fish, and share my passion for the outdoors with the people around me. These people include my friends and my next-door neighbors. I love going with my dad on hikes for sheds, scrapes, or rubs. And, I get out to the woods behind my house whenever I’m not studying or doing homework. Although I have much to learn about the outdoors, I continue to be involved and hope to be for the rest of my life!

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