Danielle Worthen

danielle-2“And God was with the lad; and he grew, and dwelt in the wilderness, and became an archer.” Genesis 21:20

Danielle was taken hunting for the first time when she was four, and ever since then she has been addicted to being in the wilderness. She could be listening to gobbling and drumming from turkeys or feeling the adrenaline rush through her when that largemouth bass takes her bait. She loved it all! The love for the outdoors grew bigger and bigger within her throughout the years.


All Danielle has wanted and dreamed of doing, was to be a role model for kids, and to bring kids into the outdoors. She believes that the more people she can get into the woods, the less people will be sitting on the couch playing a video game. She is only fifteen years old, but she has taken several kids out personally on a hunt. She can’t help but love the expression on their faces when they harvest their very first animal, because she knows that’s the face she made when she got addicted to hunting. A couple of years ago, Danielle was introduced to Kids Hunting for a Cure, a non-profit organization focused on providing funding for cancer and childhood disease research. The experience was unforgettable and she even gained a new family member in the process! He was the first kid she had ever guided and they became very close just over one hunt.

“I thank God for everything he has given me the privilege to do. I feel like I am living a dream, I never thought I would be able to be an example for so many people. God sure does know how to answer prayers.”

Throughout the past 11 years, Danielle has been given the opportunity to harvest many animals, as big as bears and gators, all the way down to pheasants and rabbits. She has been on several TV shows, and within those episodes you can see the love she has for the outdoors.

“I’m excited for the opportunity to join the Takedown Team in motivating more people to get outside and experience the great outdoors!”


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