Takedown Outdoors is proud to be associated with our partners:

Sitka Gear

“When it comes to hunting, I demand a lot from my gear. Over the years, I have tested almost every brand of hunting apparel and disliked something with each. That is until I finally gave Sitka Gear a try. The combination of quality, practicality and innovation that goes into each garment sets them apart. Sitka’s attention to detail and layering system philosophy have made my hunting adventures much more comfortable. As an athlete and bowhunter, I love the tighter fit which removes the unwanted bulk. Sitka is by far the best gear on the planet!”

Jason – Takedown Outdoors


“Are you looking for a dependable, affordable and aesthetically pleasing firearm? Whether it be hosting corporate outings in the summer or pheasant hunting in the fall, the Takedown Team needs shotguns we can rely on. CZ-USA makes guns that work day in day out, look great and at prices the common gun owner can afford. When you job depends on it, I don’t care about the name on the gun near as much as the quality behind it. Thanks CZ-USA!”

Jason – Takedown Outdoors

Mossy Oak Properties

“Mossy Oak Properties is a nationally recognized real estate company that is dedicated to agricultural and recreational land sales. I’ve come to know Tom Rayburn as a true professional in the industry that has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to hunting and farm land across Illinois and Indiana. If you are in the market for that special getaway or investment property make sure you give him a call.”

Jerry – Takedown Outdoors

Lone Wolf Hunting Products

“We have been using Lone Wolf products ever since they started making them. The treestands and climbing sticks are extremely durable, quiet and versatile. As run and gun type hunters, we are constantly changing our locations while also trying to hang double sets for filming. Lone Wolf treestands and climbing sticks allow us to setup and take down with ease.”

Scott, Jerry & Jason – Takedown Outdoors

EZ KUT Products

“I have been buying and using outdoor products all my life so I’ve come across a lot of junk of the years. There is nothing worse than purchasing a product only to discover in the field that it under performs or falls apart. This is simply not the case with EZ KUT. They are built to last and perform beautifully! My backpack will always include the EZ KUT Ratchet pruner. The EZ KUT Hoist is a must for hanging those big bucks. They are not the cheapest, but they work and last! Give them a try and see for yourself.”

Scott Bast – Takedown Outdoors

Ramcat Broadheads

Testimonial – “Being an avid bowhunter, I’m always looking for that perfect broadhead. One that flies true and causes as much damage as possible. Enter the Ramcat fixed blade. These broadheads are deadly accurate and flat out get the job done! You get all the advantages of a fixed blade with the added benefit of backcutting if the arrow doesn’t pass through. I hunt way too hard to worry about my broadheads not performing. Thanks Ramcat.”

Jason – Takedown Outdoors

Costa Del Mar

Testimonial – “If you want the best sunglasses for fishing period, think Costa. I put their 580 glass frames to the test on a bass fishing trip to North Carolina. The minute I put them on, the difference was obvious. It was like seeing everything in HD! The bass beds stood out under the water and the foliage along the banks was in vivid greens. Costa LightWAVE glass is extremely light and scratch resistant. My Costas enable me to identify structure and fish while also providing 100% UV blockage. You won’t find me on the water without my Costa Del Mar shades.”

Jason – Takedown Outdoors

James Valley Scents

Testimonial – “Absolutely the best scent product made! I have been using JVS for almost 15yrs and have killed 15 P&Y and a few B&C bucks of which half would never have been harvested without JVS. John has done extensive product testing, uses only the finest ingredients and includes detailed usage instructions with every order. The gel is so easy to use and will last a lot longer than liquid. Those other mass produced scents are like water in a bottle. You have to try JVS for yourself this season.”

Scott – Takedown Outdoors


Testimonial – “Talk about a product that has completely changed the way I hunt! I have always been a freak when it comes to my scent control process. Washing clothes every couple hunts, carrying multiple green carbon bags and Rubbermaid tubs sometimes made hunting more stressful than fun. ScentMaster challenged me to throw all my clothing, boots and backpack in their box for all of deer season. The results were amazing. I washed my clothes once all year and remained undetected from my treestand all season. Check out the science and technology behind the ScentMaster box. It just makes sense!”

Jason- Takedown Outdoors


Testimonial – “Approximately 15 years ago I ordered new product from Tru-fire. I needed it for a hunt I was going on and could not wait the normal shipping time for it to arrive. Steve Tentler, an executive from Trufire, hand delivered it in a box to my door the next day. That’s a quality company! I still use the exact same release today.”

Mike Sokol- Takedown Outdoors/ Pro-Staff

Commercial Partners:

Buck Stop Archery

Buck Stop Archery is so much more than an archery retail store. Our club-like atmosphere, educational tips, indoor firing range and bow services make us Northern Illinois’ premier archery hunting retail store and service shop. Located in West Dundee, Illinois, our store is conveniently placed to serve the entire Northern Illinois marketplace.

Retro Bistro

Testimonial – “Retro is the place we go when we want to have our wild game or fish turned into fantastic dishes. Their chefs are the best!!! Bring in your venison, pheasant, quail, etc. You will not be disappointed.”

Jerry – Takedown Outdoors


Franco Coladipietro

Testimonial – “Franco is a friend, fellow business owner and outdoorsman. Like T.O., Franco believes the outdoors is a great resource to educate, entertain and encourage individuals from all walks of life. Being an influential figure in both the political and business community, Franco has stayed true to his passion for 2nd Amendment rights and an advocate for fellow hunters. Takedown is proud to be associated with a leader of his character and I’m proud to live in a town who’s mayor is so passionate about the outdoors!”

Jason – Takedown Outdoors

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