Scott Bast

Growing up in north eastern WI on the shores of lake Michigan, I spent almost all my free time hunting, trapping and fishing. Being a self taught outdoorsmen, most of my experiences have been trial and error. I learned the hard way. During my younger years I especially enjoyed live trapping rabbits to help feed the family and bringing home those pesky little muskrats to sell the fur.

Bow hunting became a interest at a very young age. I harvested my first doe at age 12. It took four arrows before I finally made my mark. I blood trailed her for hours. Then finally walking up on her, she jumped strait out of her bed only to almost run strait over me. I thought I was dead. From that point forward, I knew bowhunting was for me.


Today living in Northern IL, I am a family man that enjoys spending time with my wife Rhoni and children Bailee and Colton. As a business professional, I have spent the last 15 years as a VP at a commercial insurance brokerage firm managing risk. I have college degrees in Natural Resources, Criminal Justice and Business.

A big part of my outdoor lifestyle now involves horses in a big way. I am a cowboy mounted shooter and a mounted ranger for Kane County. I particularly enjoy sharing these wonderful horses with others that God has so blessed me with.

Its always been a dream of mine to turn the passion I have for the outdoors into a viable business. We started Takedown Outdoors about four years ago. The growth has been steady and significant. Today we are reaching millions through our corporate and charitable events, TV programming on NBC Sports Network, radio shows, social networking, sports shows, website marketing, speaking engagements and video clips on demand. Our corporate initiatives and public outdoor events hit at the core. People really want to get back to basic fun and adventure. We now deliver hands on reality outdoor entertainment, while promoting the outdoor lifestyle.

Live Your Dream!!

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