Torry Granrath

Born 1956 in Northern Illinois, one of my first recollections of the outdoors was collecting shot gun shells at 8 years old at my grandfather’s gun club. I think a freshly spent 12 gauge is still one of my favorite smells. Five cents for every 100 shells collected was good but to hang out in Grandpas reloading and fly tying room that was the real reward.

At 10 I was allowed to make drives with my cousin to push deer out for the hunters on stand. Deer hunting was the single closest bond I had with my dad, grandfather, uncles and cousins. It was the absolute best!

We started hunting in the 70s with the Andrews family in Mississippi, using dogs to push deer in the thick woods. The howl in the distance would get closer by the minute and when those monster bucks would come ripping through the woods you had better be ready. I couldn’t get enough and so my love for hunting continued to grow. 40 years later we are still hunting and hanging out with the Andrews but now it is mostly in May for noodling season, where we hand grab 40-50 lb catfish. This is more fun than the law should allow!

These days most of my hunting is done with the bow, my weapon of choice. I’ve had some amazing hunts through out North America for bear, whitetail, cougar and boar.

I’ve been blessed with the ability to acquire hunting properties in Wisconsin and Illinois. This has allowed me to share some of my biggest passions of hunting, shooting and riding horses with friends, family and young men and women from my church.

I’ve been Married 28 years to Miss Rhonda and have been blessed with two daughters, Ashley and Taylor who are both married and have given me my first granddaughter- can’t wait to get her out in the woods! I’ve already got her, her first set of camo. I find myself spending some great afternoons with my son in laws Matt and Aaron. We shoot and ride on a regular basis. I hope to share the adventures of the outdoors, which is to be had by all through “Takedown Outdoors”.

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